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A Legend Gets A Statue

The definition of a legend, is an extremely famous or notorious person or story of history, especially in a particular field.  Coach Lyle Smith is just that.  Lyle serves as the head coach at Boise Junior College-now Boise State University- from 1947 to 1967.  He also was the Athletics Director for 13 years. Many people look up to Lyle for guidance and inspiration about coaching, running a winning sports program, and just long life in general. “Coach” celebrated his 100th birthday this last spring, and he still attends every home game to support the Boise State Broncos.

Recently Boise State wanted to honor Lyle with a commemorative statue.  Now “Coach” is always going to be squatting down, with his clipboard and his fedora hat in front of the BSU football field, ready to lead the future generations of Bronco football. 


Bronco football season kicked off this weekend and Hillcrest had the “hard to get” game that was only on ESPN3.  The residents were all pumped up and cheering as the Boise State Broncos crushed the Louisiana Lafayette’s 45-10.  As you walk into the building it bleeds blue and orange and you can feel the “Bronco Fever ” spreading. The custom blue and orange donuts tasted delicious and we washed it down with orange cream punch.  

The Broncos next game is a late one, this Saturday the 10th. Game starts at 8:15pm. We will have the game up on our 2 big screen TV’s, so grab a friend and your BSU gear and join us!