* * FaNtAsTiC * *

National Night Out 2016 can be summed up in one word, FANTASTIC!  It was great to join together our Hillcrest community and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Ryan Wissinger and his band kept the music flowing while the crowed enjoyed a juicy hot dog and refreshing cold soda.

The Dunk Tank was a big hit. There was laughter and cheer from the crowed as the ball hit the bulls-eye and splashed the Executive Director, April, and her staff into the water. April said the water felt great on that hot sunny evening.

The Boise City Police stopped by to see all the action and decided to stay, have a hot dog and listen to the great music.  One of the officers said that the Hillcrest party was one of the biggest party they had attended that night.

As the evening was wrapped up, and we said good night to everyone, there was nothing but “thank you’s” and “see ya next year’s.” We hope that everyone had a fantastic time, we know the Hillcrest Family did.


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