BBQin’ for DAD!


It was nice and warm for our Father’s Day BBQ.  The residents enjoyed their choice of fire roasted cheeseburgers or hot dogs and the Dads got to sip down a cold beer or iced root beer.  We even got our Executive Director April to run the grill.  Laughter and joy spread across the Courtyard in appreciation for our wonderful Father’s. 


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Forever Young?

The sun is out and the summer heat is in full swing.  We hear everyone express the importance of wearing sunscreen when you are going to be outside.  Protecting your skin from the harmful rays can reduce your risk of getting skin cancer and ageing wrinkles.

 Here is a poster that helps you select the correct sunscreen and explains what you should look for on the bottle.  We also suggest wearing a hat to block the sun from your face and neck.  Sunscreen needs to be re-applied every 60- 80 minutes in the sun and waterproof/sweat-proof is highly recommended.  If you have a bottle that is from a past summer, make sure you check the expiration date.  Expired sunscreen is more harmful then it is beneficial.

Following these simple suggestions will help your skin stay healthy and  forever young.