The Best Soup In Town!


I had the best homemade tomato soup today for lunch for our Hillcrest Cafe’.  It was so creamy and really warmed me up on this chilly, yet sunny day.  While I was sipping down my second bowl of this delicious soup, It started to make me day dream.

When I was a young kid, I remember having an awful cold and my whole body feeling like I got ran over by a truck.  I remember my mom making me a nice warm bowl of tomato soup.  It was so yummy and was just what I needed to help me feel better.  Now as an adult, whenever I feel a cold coming on I make me a pot of tomato soup.  As it cooks, it is almost as if the aroma starts healing the cold instantly.  I don’t know if that is a mind over matter thing, but it seems to work for me.

- Anna Fouraker, Community Relations Liaison

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The Rabbit In The Carrot Patch!

bugs bunny

 Like a Rabbit in a Carrot Patch

Which one should I try?

Note I did not say buy

He’s taking what catches his eye.

He may try several on the shy

Thinking he’s going to get by

Then suddenly something whistles by

A huge dog oh my, oh my

The Farmer knows what to do

To discourage a bunny like you

You look like you’ve now been had

Are you still feeling excited and glad?

So you need kind farmer to call

And put an end to it all?

Would you leave alone and not return?

You must your manner’s burn.

If not the farmer may ask something of you

Perhaps of great value too

You could end up being rabbit stew

To stop the devil in you.

Now I’d think about that if I were you

And perhaps find a field of grass to chew

And ask the Farmer to forgive you

As you leave, NO RABBIT STEW!

By Ellen Card

February Employee Of The Month







Mandy Atkinson

Mandy is a hard worker and always willing to help the team.  She has a smile you can’t miss and sparkles all day!  She showers everyone with kindness and uses her powers of persuasion and persistence to get her job done!! Well done Mandy you are doing great!! Thanks for being a hard working part of the team!

- April Kolhmaier, Executive Director

Mandy had a radiant personality.  She does her job exceptionally well and in a timely manner.  Mandy gets to know every little quirk about each and every resident that comes into Hillcrest.  Thank you Mandy for working so hard and making everyone feel welcome to the building. 

- Anna Fouraker, Community Relations Liaison