Senior Tea

We had a group of residents that grabbed their winter coats and umbrellas and ventured out into the snow to go down to Boise on the Grove for the 2015 Festival Of Trees.  The trees we stuffed full with bright toys and beautiful decorations.  The Senior Tea was delicious with hot cocoa and spiced teas along with a variety of cookies for the senior crowd.  We watched and listened to the carolers and tap dancers as the lit up the stage.  The group stopped by the train that was taking around Santa and his bag full of toys for all the good boys and girls.

We had so much fun walking around and seeing all the faces light up when they see their favorite trees.  We hope that next year you and your loved ones can join us for the fun.


Margaret and Yvonne in front of their favorite tree.

    Margaret and Yvonne in front of their favorite tree.

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Turkey Time!



Families and loved ones gathered together to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving Feast.  We had our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner Tuesday night and it was a very enjoyable evening.

“Thank you for a delightful Thanksgiving dinner.  We enjoyed everything, it was yummy and the table agrees!”  - Margaret Perkins, Resident

“Dinner Tuesday was excellent.  My family enjoyed every bit!” – Anonymous

We want to thank everyone that came in to share their blessing with us and hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Spooky Halloween 2015

The good one Haloween Decoration Edith and sally NormaGraveyard Cake SpiderArt and Lauren

The Ghouls fly high, spiders scamper around and hid in the dark.  This was the night were the inner child that is inside everyone comes out and plays. 

We had so much fun this year at our Halloween party.  The Entertainers performed a spooky series of music for all to dance and clap their hand to.  We had witches, little devils, old father time, rodeo clowns, kitty cats, and many others dressed up for the fun festivities.  Vicki in the Kitchen made graveyard cakes and witches brew and what kind of Halloween would it be without…. CANDY!!

There were also many staff members that dressed up as well.  Lauren in the Business Office had a flashback to the 80′s, Mandy in Medical Records was the sweet Katty Perry.  April and Anna were America’s favorite sandwich, Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Ursula, one of our evening Med Techs, came as a Puppet Doll.

We hope everyone had a fun and safe evening out trick-or-treating and getting to be someone else for a day.