Nationa Day of Prayer

nationalk day of prayer




Seniors Pray

We will be taking time to pray for our nation, leaders, community, each other on Thursday, May 7th at 9:30am-10:30 am Come and join us for time of prayer. If you have questions please call Kevin at 208-345-4460.

Please check out NDP website at because we are registered site for NDP.

Click on website above-Events, look for event search, zip code, state and city to learn more about this event.

You Are Invited







You are Invited

Celebrate Easter at Hillcrest with us. A festive Meal will be served. The meal includes grand mimosas, salad buffet and a variety of desserts for you to enjoy! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, April 5th 1093 S. Hilton St.

11am to 1pm

$7.00 for guests

Please RSVP with Patti


Rememberance Service

March 26th, 2015

Remembrance Service of Hillcrest Assisted Living

Officiating: Chaplain John Van Kirk with encompass Home Health and Hospice

Special Music by Jerry Zach of the Christian Retirement Home of Boise

Greetings and Opening Music


“A Time and A Place for Everything” Eccl 3:1-8


The Gospel of John Chapter 11

Memories and Sharing

Life Committal

John 11:23-26

In Memory of:

Jack Sams, Mariam Gilbert, Frankie Hughs, William “Whitey” Rohm, Dorothy “Tobi” Robbins, Jack Killian, Reatha Berry, Doris Montgomery, Manfred Hofman and Dorothy Huether

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Walk through Time At The Antique World Mall


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Antique World Mall & The Annex

In Country Club Plaza:4544 Overland Road Boise Idaho 83705 208-342-5350 Open Daily  10-6; third Friday of each month 10-9

This was an awesome adventure and a must see for yourself. I followed my friends around and listened to the stories that they told while we looked at antiques. A lot of the things on display residents said they had and a special memory was shared. This was a slice of heaven to be there and listen to them reminisce about their past.


Killarney Irish Dance Company

Killarney Irish Dance Company






Boise’s Premier Irish Dance Co. came to Hillcrest Assisted Living in March and kicked up there heals to Irish songs. Our residents and guests were tapping there feet to the beat as the Killarney Irish Dance Company danced. Fun was had by all. We served Irish desserts that were out of this world. We had a blast! Hope to see you next time.

Killarney Irish Dance Co. has classes for the ages of 4-adult. Is located in W. Boise, quality instruction with emphasis on proper form & technique. Small classes for personal attention performance team. we teach students with interest in performance only, or we have competition based instruction. Also serving the community with the Boise Community Ed. program. We pride ourselves on providing the finest instruction of traditional & modern Irish Step dancing. Call today (208) 377-0580 or contact us by email at

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Lyle Smith’s 99th Birthday with Boise State Football Team








lyle Smith



It’s Lyle Smith’s birthday, the former Boise State Athletic director and longtime Boise Junior College football coach turned 99

As usual, the bronco helped Lyle celebrate. Coach Bryan  Harsin presented Smith a No. 99 jersey and a fedora. The jersey will go nicely with the No. 98 he received last year.

The players and staff gathered around Smith after practice to sing him “Happy Birthday”

Check out link above to see Lyle Celebrate with the Boise State Team.



Dementia Support Group at Hillcrest Assisted Living

ALseniorsseniorss  Dementia Support Group

Hillcrest Assisted Living Support Group provide education education and support to those who are part of the management and care of an individual facing Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia’s.

Everyone is welcome to come and share concerns and issues in an open discussion or just listen to others who are going through this overwhelming disease process.

Beginning in April

2nd Tuesday each month at 3:00 pm

Contact: Kevin Vos

At: Hillcrest Assisted Living

1093 S. Hilton Street

Boise, Idaho 83705  345-4460

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Big Juds World Famous Burger

2010-12-31 23.00.00-16Big Jud’s is the place to go if you want to eat a lot of food.

This is a picture of a Double Big Jud Party Combo. Wow!!!!

Famous 2lb Burger, Large Fry, 2 drinks and 2 single waffle Cones for $27.99

We watched as two men ate the whole Burger. Join us for lunch.

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We hade a great time and enjoyed each others company as well as the food.

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