Hillcrest Welcomes New Resident Charlie




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Hillcrest welcomes new resident to the family. Charlie sat down the other day any filled the room with a medley of Christmas songs on the piano. Residents listened intently. Charlie enjoys playing the piano anytime the occasion presents itself. We look forward to Charlie tickling the Ivory more often. Come and listen to him sometime and you will your leave with a song in your heart.

Cookie Lee Jewelry Comes to Hillcrest

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Cookie Lee Jewelry came to Hillcrest and our residents enjoyed looking and trying on. This was an opportunity to bring the joy of shopping to Hillcrest residents in the convenience of being at home.

2011-01-01 00.00.00-8








Belva poses for camera. Do you like my new necklace?

2011-01-01 00.00.00-6





Shopping is hard work.

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Sisters pose for camera with new necklaces.









BSU Tailgate Party


Hillcrest Goes Wild at Tailgate Party!!!



Lyle Smith Joins in the fun at Tailgate Party.

Lyle is a former BSU Football coach. The football turf is named after him. Lyle is well respected in BSU Country. Thanks coach for all you contributed to BSU athletics over the years.

Everyone loves to watch the football games. This year has been fun and be look forward to the NWC game this Saturday. Come and join us as we root our team to victory.