Tour the City in a Trolley

We went on a Trolley and toured the city of Boise. The trolley is enclosed and climate controlled for your touring comfort year around. We loved hearing about the city of Boise and its history. The trolley driver shared her extensive knowledge with us. All the facts are presented in story form to make the tour fun and interesting, while at the same time educational. All the facts have been well researched to assure their accuracy.

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We learned about the trolley system that ran in Boise around the turn of the century, and tour the neighborhoods created around its lines.

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Boise had its share of quirky politicians and unique business men who made their fortunes and brought culture to the city.

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We toured the parks and learned about the people who they were named after and saw the statues and public artwork throughout the city, and experienced the original fort location and learned why it was located in this valley.

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We discovered both the outlaws and respectable businessmen that added color to the rich tapestry of Boise’s story. We listened to the stories of the native people and their sacred areas.

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This is a tour that everyone needs to see and learn about the rich history that Boise has to offer.

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Boise Township Tour






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One thought on “Tour the City in a Trolley

  1. What a great way for people who are new to Boise to learn about the history of this beautiful city. Everyone needs to see the Boise Depot!

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