Tour the City in a Trolley

We went on a Trolley and toured the city of Boise. The trolley is enclosed and climate controlled for your touring comfort year around. We loved hearing about the city of Boise and its history. The trolley driver shared her extensive knowledge with us. All the facts are presented in story form to make the tour fun and interesting, while at the same time educational. All the facts have been well researched to assure their accuracy.

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We learned about the trolley system that ran in Boise around the turn of the century, and tour the neighborhoods created around its lines.

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Boise had its share of quirky politicians and unique business men who made their fortunes and brought culture to the city.

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We toured the parks and learned about the people who they were named after and saw the statues and public artwork throughout the city, and experienced the original fort location and learned why it was located in this valley.

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We discovered both the outlaws and respectable businessmen that added color to the rich tapestry of Boise’s story. We listened to the stories of the native people and their sacred areas.

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This is a tour that everyone needs to see and learn about the rich history that Boise has to offer.

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Boise Township Tour






To book a tour email or call 208-570-9025

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Folk Show at Hillcrest

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Hillcrest Logo color Join us as the curtains go up on Wednesday, July 17th at 6:00 pm as Gary Eller steps onto the stage to sing songs about the people who settled the state of Idaho and listen to the fascinating tales of the early years in Idaho. We will be serving homemade ice cream for everyone to enjoy. Please RSVP at 345-4460.

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Butterflies in Bloom at the Zoo









Butterflies in Bloom at The Boise Zoo

One of Zoo Boise’s most popular exhibits returns in 2013. You may stroll through a flower filled greenhouse as hundreds of colorful butterflies from Costa Rica Fly above and around you.

Come and experience this wonderful exhibit with us!

Wednesday, July 10th we will leave Hillcrest at 10:00 am. Make your reservations today! 345-4460.

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Dinner at The Cheesecake Factory




The Cheesecake Factory menu features more than 200 menu selections made fresh from scratch each day — using only the highest quality ingredients — which combines to create our remarkable tastes.

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They will gladly honor requests to modify your order to suit specific health or dietary needs. The Cheesecake Factory is famous for our generous portions which are ideal for sharing or taking home – but be sure to save room to enjoy one of 50 legendary cheesecakes and specialty desserts.

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We enjoyed dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and we can’t wait to return. The cheese cake was awesome.

Check out the Cheesecake Factory menu and more at

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Butterflies in Bloom at Zoo Boise





We walked down the path at the zoo stopping along the way to enjoy the different animals as we walked toward the butterfly exhibit. The butterflies are from Costa Rica and are all different sizes and bright colors. If you stand still the butterflies will land on you and you can admire their beauty. This is truly paradise. A 1000 butterflies arrive from Costa Rica as eggs and hatch in special climate control containers and are released into a climate controlled garden for everyone to enjoy. The butterflies only live  a short time before they die, then they are soaked in alcohol to kill any eggs before they are destroyed. We saw a colorful giant moth that fit in the palm of your hand, it truly was beautiful. The moths life span is only a week.

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This is a calming garden that you can enjoy the beauty as it flies around you.

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Do You Want to Live to Be 100?


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Do You Want to live to be 100?

Learn some simple secrets for longevity. Find out if you are already on your way to living your fullest life. Heather, with St. Alphonsus Home Health, will lead this discussion. Make plans to join us! Monday, July 29th at 3:00 pm. RSVP at 208-345-4460.









Contact Heather with St. Alphonsus Home Health for more information at

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Nampa Warhawk Air Museum

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Make plans to tour the Warhawk Air Museum with us on Wednesday, July 24th. We will depart from Hillcrest at 10:00 am. Admission is $8.00. For more information call 345-4460. The Museum is full of history from WWII, Korean War, Vietnam and Iraq War and much more.

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Wine Tasting at Williamson Orchard

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Let’s take a ride to Caldwell to Williamson Orchard & Vineyard for some wine tasting! Let’s spend the afternoon sipping wine and enjoying each others company. We will depart from Hillcrest at 12:30 pm. Call us at 345-4460 and make reservation today!

Please contact Williams Orchard and Winery if you have any questions at

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4th of July Blast at Hillcrest

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Make plans to join us  next year for our 4th of July celebration. The day started off with a bang as we ate with friends and family and enjoyed a traditional BBQ. Many family members came and spent time with their loved ones. After the BBQ everyone was invited to play bingo with special prizes for the winners. At dusk everyone was asked to attend our fireworks extravaganza outside under the sky with the stars shining bright. The fireworks lit up the sky. To top the evening off, ice cream sandwiches were served and residents shared there memories of 4th of July.

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