Eagle Senior Center Member Receives $100 Check.

RSCN0739Brent Jones, Sales & Marketing Director with Hillcrest, presents Louise M. with a check from the Idaho Senior Living Council.  “Louise got tears in her eyes when I told her I had a $100 check to help her buy new glasses,” Brent said.



The Idaho Senior Living Council is a Boise-based nonprofit that educates seniors about the services that are available in their communities.  For more information, please visit: www.idslc.org

Retirement Party at Hillcrest

2013-02-08 14.26.45Our admintrator wishes Doyle the best and thanks him for twenty one years of service.

This gift is special. You can’t guess a gift by the cover.




2013-02-08 14.28.24The pizza buffet was a hit.

Friends in a converstation about what kind of pizza is being served.





2013-02-08 14.50.11Bill congradulates Doyle upon retirement and tells a secret about Doyle. “You sure know how to run a vacuum, your wife will put you to work at home.” Everyone laughs.




2013-02-08 15.14.50The changing of the guard.


Tony will do a great job taking over as Maintenance Director. Good Luck, Tony.



2013-02-08 14.39.13Doyle visits with each person that attended the retirement party.

When asked what his plans were, Doyle replied by saying he planned to take a ride on his Harley and enjoy life.



2013-02-08 14.47.15 2013-02-08 14.38.00This was in the brown paper bag.

“I will enjoy this bourbon.”


Congradulations! You may be gone but not forgottten.

We hope you come visit all your friends at Hillcrest.





Many people gather around Doyle to thank him for a job well done.

Doyle worked for Hillcrest for 21 years. Thanks for being our friend Doyle.

Enjoy retirement and remember to ride your Harley as often as possible.



































An Affair with Chocolate

2013-02-14 15.17.58

An Affair with Chocolate

The highlights of this event were as follows: The Boise Cordsmen Quartet sang love songs. Chocolate fondue was a hit. We gave away door prizes. Everyone had a great time.

2013-02-14 14.57.45

50 people showed up to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to everyone for coming and taking part in this event and making it so much fun.




2013-02-14 14.56.57

All smiles

Mary and daughter pose for the camera.



2013-02-14 15.08.50


Sweethearts for 61 years




2013-02-14 15.10.39

Dee poses with her mother.





2013-02-14 14.57.58

Wow! Those glassed are awesome.

Mary wins Russell Stovers Heart Chocolates because of those glitsy glasses.

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Lincoln Remembered

2013-02-11 15.56.29Skip Critell came to Hillcrest and talked to our residents about the life of our 16th president… Abraham Lincoln.

The document is a replica of a newspaper. The pictures poked fun at the president.

The pictures were carved on to wood before they were printed on paper.


2013-02-11 16.23.35

Reta tells others how to break the shell away from the cotton and pick out the seed. As a young woman Reta picked cotton.



2013-02-11 16.25.32

Tobi thanked Skip for  the insight into Lincoln’s 2013-02-11 16.00.39life.

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This flag is a rare flag because it has fifteen stripes and fiteen stars. A flag like this flew over the Lincoln home.

Currently our flag has thirteen Stripes and a star that represents each state.

Skip, thanks for an awesume look into Lincoln.








85th Birthday Celebrated at Hillcrest

2013-02-09 13.22.29The picture in the middle was taken out in Parma at the Iris Garden.

Barbara toured the garden and took in the Irises. The smell was incrediable.

2013-02-09 13.34.16Barbara takes a spin on the dance floor with her son-in-law.  Go Barbara!


Barbara dances the afternoon away with her son-in-law.





2013-02-09 14.46.19

Barbara poses with Grandaughter and great grandaughter.




2013-02-09 13.28.05


Queen for the day.

Barbara strikes up a pose with long time friend.



2013-02-09 14.38.28


Barbara & Lyn (daughter) pose for the camera.




2013-02-09 13.39.00


Friends dance together and cut the rug.



2013-02-09 13.43.38

Thirty residents came the celebration on February 9th. The Entertainers Band played throughout the afternoon.

Everyone had a great time.

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