Hillcrest serves up Ice Cream

“I love chocolate ice cream.”

“I attend as many social functions as possible to socialize with friends.”

The secret to long life, is to engage in it!



“That hit the spot. Can I have another double decker?”





“ I enjoy helping serving and helping anywhere I can.

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“I enjoy helping others when I can.”

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Bronco Nation is Strong at Hillcrest

Lyle S. coached 21 years as head football coach, his team has s remained a dominant figure in the Intermountian Collegiate Conference, winning the conference title 16 out of 20 times. Lyle later became Boise State College’s Director of Athletics, a position he held till retirement.

Lyle lives at Hillcrest and still goes to BSU football games. Lyle is the heartbeat of Bronco Nation at Hillcrest.




“The Rise of Bronco Nation”

THis is a picture that hangs in Lyles apartment. It portrays Lyle looking out  the field.

On September 11, 1970 BJC’s football field was dedicated as “Lyle Smith Field”


Hillcrest shops at Boise Whole Foods

Hillcrest arrives at the newly opened Boise Whole Foods on January 29th. Our residents loved the store and the “whole” experience!





The tulips makes us think of spring.







 Rj’s rasberry soft  eating licorice.

It taste yummy!

These licorice pieces have the most delicate texture. They simply are the best.






Everyone enjoyed lunch.

Some had chilli, white bean kayle soup & chicken tortia soup from the soup island.

The sandwich of the day was tomato, pesto and cheese panini sandwich. It was to die for.












Hillcrest Tours The Idaho State Capital


State Capital in Boise, Idaho.




The Idaho State Capital in Boise Idaho. Hillcrest residents braved the frigid temps outside to tour the Capital on January 21st. The renovations are incredible!

The seal of the State of Idaho.








Looking up into the lighted dome.





Hillcrest takes a look at the Govenors office.





Hillcrest continues tour at the heart of Idaho.




Hillcrest waits to watch the Idaho legislaters Session start.

Hillcrest visits with senators wife.




Martin Luther King Day. the community holds a rally at the capital steps and Hillcrest joins in the festivities.


























The Artist of Hillcrest

Barbara takes this class very seriously.

“You start with the sky and later we will paint in the BIG red barn.”

Thank you Louann for coming in and painting with us!





Mixing the right colors together.

Once the paintings are Finished we will make card out of them and sale them.




Trying to find the right picture to paint.

Come join us and let your creative juices flow.



















Hillcrest Has a Library

Hillcrest has a library that is enjoyed by many.

The books and shelves were donated by the residents themselves who are passionate about reading!

Stop by on your next visit to Hillcrest.




Reading is a great way to keep the mind busy.

When you visit Hillcrest plan to spend time reading in our library.

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St Luke’s Mammogram Bus Comes to Hillcrest

On January 14th St Lukes Mammogram Bus Visits Hillcrest.

This is the first of three visits they will make to Hillcrest. Partnered with St Lukes to encourage women’s health, Hillcrest invites anyone to schedule an appointment. Look for future dates on our Blog!

Please schedule your mamogram today. (208) 706-2055





RN’s pose with resident after Mammogram is finished.

Hillcrest takes part in your health.





“I’m done for another year.”

Please wheck your website and blog out for future events @ www.hill-crest.com


Hillcrest Beauty Shop

The Hillcrest Beauty Shop is a full service salon and offers haircuts, shampoo, sets, and perms.  It is so convenient.





 We offer manicures and friendship while we are doing your hair and nails.

Call Lain today to book your appointment! (208) 854-3164



Residents look forward to getting their hair done without having to go outside in the cold, snowy weather.